NIBM Showcasing Student Projects at the INFOTEL Exhibition 2018

NIBM proudly presents 3 projects from its ongoing students at INFOTEL 2018, the largest ICT Exhibition in Sri Lanka.

  1. JHome
  2. Which is a smart home technology, also known as home automation, provides home owners security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency by allowing them to control smart devices, often by a smart home app on their smartphone or other networked device. This allows to share consumer usage data among themselves and automate actions based on the home owners' preferences in the system This project got the highest marks at the pre-test conducted by infortel. The proud owners of this projects are Mr. W.W Jude Stephen Dilpriya Fernando & Mr Hishara Weerasinghe

  1. Project H.R.P.S
  2. This project allows to provide awareness for motorcyclists on real-time and pre-determined dangers, to reduce accidents which would cause death or serious injury. The project owners are Mr. M. H. D. Kaluarachchi and Mr. W. T. G. Fernando
  3. Karma v2.0
    Karma is a decision-making first person shooter game, where the user has to make decisions in order to progress further throughout the story. The decisions will decide the fate of the protagonist. It will be taken place in post-apocalyptic Galle city. The project owners are Mr. P.U.P.M Udugamapala and Mr. W.M Akash Shyaminda       


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